The water room

La Dimora's Water Room is a refined space that is exclusively reserved for the use of hotel guests, who must request a key…
This secret retreat includes a hammam with a vaulted ceiling decorated with ochre mosaics, a large Italian-style shower and a treatment room with an adjoining lounge furnished using natural fibres, where you can continue to relax with a delicious mint tea or a refreshing glass of lemon water…
Booking is strongly recommended.


« La Dimora » Relaxing Massage
An average intensity massage using Corsican Essential Oils.
This treatment will leave you in a state of deep relaxation.
60 min. 120 €
« Upper Body » Massage (scalp, face, neck and shoulders)
A massage using Argan Oil and Corsican Essential Oils designed to stimulate the reflex zones on the face, head, neck and shoulders to promote relaxation and restore energy.
60 min. 120 €
« Divine Ritual »
A traditional massage with Corsican Essential Oils using a particular rhythm and a range of techniques from the finger tips to the feet. This massage helps to restore balance and maintains good physical and mental health.
60 min. 120 €
90 min. 150 €
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