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La Dimora's philosophy

« La Dimora for a magical and timeless getaway between the sea and the mountains… »

« La Dimora offers you the harmony of the Conca d'Oru ». A motto filled with promise for a dream holiday on a centuries-old country estate in Corsica.
Just four kilometres away from Saint Florent and its white sandy beaches, this four star boutique hotel offers an authentic and luxurious setting.
Come and enter the world of La Dimora, located at the heart of the pastoral region of Nebbiu, in the plain of La Conca d'Oru, with its rugged coastlines, green countryside and blooming hillsides.

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Surrounded by a large wooded estate, this charming hotel offers you the chance to explore the riches of an exceptional region or "terraticu", in an intimate setting.
What better way to discover this treasure trove of national heritage, with tangible and intangible culture, abundant nature and magnificent landmarks...

A timeless and unspoilt location, La Dimora is above all a state of mind, where every last detail has been designed to offer moments of pure bliss.
The charm of a hotel that constantly strives to make simplicity a luxury... for the delight of its guests.


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