Tucked away on an estate covering 2.5 acres, the hotel is surrounded by Mediterranean plant species that awaken the senses in spring.

From ancient olive trees and magnificent oak trees... to dense and fragrant shrubland, beds of lavender, clumps of Immortelle flowers and centuries-old fig trees... Embrace the local rhythm and discover the joy of lazing in the sun.

You are now in La Dimora's gardens...

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  • Jardin Hotel La Dimora
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  • Jardin de l'Hôtel La Dimora
  • Jardin de l'Hôtel La Dimora en Corse

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The ruins of thick stone pillars for vines stand like menhirs, intoxicated by the scent of jasmine and festooned with old wild rose bushes... under the watchful gaze of an ancient walnut tree.

If you are more active, there is a pétanque court with mulberry trees standing in pride of place.

The losers, and maybe even the winners, can sit in the hammock or in the comfortable lounges with a theatre-style layout.

Under the silvery shade of the olive trees on the patio, a cool path leads to the swimming pool and the old shepherds' cottages built in 1911, which have been converted into comfortable lounges for relaxation, overlooking a stream...

Imported palm trees are mixed with indigenous vegetation, creating an unusual and exotic atmosphere... "Birds of paradise" sing between spacious sun beds, punctuated by the rhythmic sound of the gushing waterfall.

The quest for relaxation...

Birds of prey often appear in the sky above La Dimora and put on a spectacular display, accompanied by whistling sounds that remind us that we're never really alone.

Enjoy the little pleasures of nature and feel the magic come alive...

« U Paradisu »

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